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How To Add Mcafee Security Tool SiteAdvisor To chrome

Here we bring you a great help about How to Add Mcafee Security Tool SiteAdvisor to chrome if you are using McAfee Antivirus. There are many toolbars present in the market, but a just a handful of them are trustworthy because there are many malicious add-ons that aim to steal the steal the information of users. They are basically spyware in the disguise of a browser extension. Security tools block malicious websites which intrude malware and spyware into our systems.

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Benefits of security tool McAfee SiteAdvisor are as

  1. Checks if Antivirus and Firewall are active
  2. Acts as a password advisor and helps in creating strong passwords
  3. Scans downloads to ensure safe browsing
  4. It learns users’ preferences
  5. On the basis of reports gathered worldwide, it rates websites as harmful and harmless

How To turn on McAfee SiteAdvisor on Chrome

  1. Go to Tools>> Extensions
  2. Look for WebAdvisor button
  3. Click on the button to turn it on.

How To install McAfee SiteAdvisor Chrome extension

If you have not yet installed McAfee SiteAdvisor, then get it installed today and enjoy carefree browsing.

The procedure is as given below:

  1. Go to the official website of
  2. Click on Free Download icon
  3. Download will finish with in a minute
  4. Run the setup, confirm to Run the program
  5. Click on Install
  6. The installation will take just few seconds
  7. Restart Google Chrome
  8. Enable new extension
  9. You will see advisor results
  10. Enable ‘Secure Search’ engine to filter harmful sites.
  11. You can perform a search to check advisor results. You can make use of any search engine. SiteAdvisor icon indicates the type of threat. Green is for safe, Red for dangerous websites. If you see “?” that means SiteAdvisor is not sure about it.
  12. You can click SiteAdvisor icon in URL bar to check site report
  13. Click on View Site Report”, a full report will appear on your screen about the site.

McAfee SiteAdvisor : How to Get Mcafee SiteAdvisor Chrome Extension