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How To Turn Mcafee firewall protection on and off

The Mcafee Firewall protects our computer from Viruses, hackers and worms, etc.  When we are online. If you will not enable firewall protection on your system, Viruses, Malware, Spyware, hackers and worms, etc. will very easily intrude into our system. So enable your Firewall if you have not done it yet. Otherwise, your system will become vulnerable to all kinds of threats


Procedure to turn on Mcafee Firewall is as given below

  1. Go to McAfee firewall settings
  2. Click on the Turn on Feature
  3. Sometimes Firewall becomes a barrier between Internet and system, at that time you can turn off the firewall to browse the net.
  4. After going into Firewall Settings, click on the Turn off Feature.

Bottom Line

Firewall protection is important if you want safe browsing. Unsafe browsing means the chances of hacking, Virus, Worms and Malware infection. But sometimes Firewall misidentifies and blocks genuine websites as well. To prevent this you can disable your Firewall for some time and turn it on when you finish your browsing.


McAfee: How To Enable and Disable Firewall Protection