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How to customize McAfee scan options

You can customize scanning options in McAfee antivirus at your will.  McAfee provides you options to go for only Virus scan, Malware or Spyware scan. You can choose a scan to track cookies. It depends on the need of your system and your McAfee gives you full liberty in choosing any type of scan. You can even scan files present in a particular location.

 Procedure to customize scans is as:

  1. Go to scan option page.
  2. Specify a location to scan files, e.g. Choose option ‘Select Critical System Files’ if you want to scan the root file system like registry and other critical system files. If you will choose Select My PC’ that means you have chosen to scan all the folders present in your PC.
  3. Select specific threats to scan, e.g. for a thorough check of your PC, you will have to choose Select ‘All Threats’ option. And similarly choose ‘Viruses and Trojans’ option to detect new variants of viruses in your system.
  4. Select file type you want to scan, e.g. Select ‘All File Types to scan’, all of your system files or choose Programs and Documents’ option only.
  5. Choose ‘Scan using minimal resources’ option to run Scan at reduced speed so that your system doesn’t slow down.
  6. Click on ‘Scan to apply your settings’.
  7. Now run a custom scan.

How To Customize McAfee Scan Options