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Causes, Symptoms and Solution to Norton Internet Security error 8506, 421

Error 8506, 421 may occur during installation of a software when Norton Internet security is active or at the time of shutdown or startup of windows. It is important to keep track of when and where did this error appeared. It will make troubleshooting easy.

How To Fix Norton Internet Security Error 8506, 421


The symptoms of the error are as:

  1. Crashes Active Program
  2. PC crashes with error 8506, 421 many times
  3. Error 8506, 421” appears in the center of the screen
  4. Windows start running sluggishly and very slow response to Keyboard and mouse
  5. Computer freezes for a few seconds too often

 Causes of Error 8506, 421

  1. Incomplete installation, or corrupt download of Norton Internet security
  2. Corruption in Registry during installation or uninstallation
  3. Malware or virus infection may have corrupted Norton security related files or Windows Files.
  4. Norton Internet Security- files deleted mistakenly or maliciously

  How to prevent Error 8506, 421

  1. Troubleshoot possible causes to prevent error recurring
  2. Scan your system for possible errors

 How to fix Error 8506, 421

 Error 8506, 421 can be fixed through Troubleshooting. The steps are given below

  1. Repair the Registry Entries.
  2. Clean out Junk with the help of Disk Cleanup
  3. Download the Norton 360 Remove and Reinstall tool.
  4. Save the file to your desired location.
  5. Open Downloads window in your browser  (shortcut Ctrl + J key).
  6. Double-click the NRnR Symbol to run.
  7. Read the license agreement, and click Agree.
  8. Click Advanced Options and select Remove only.
  9. Click Remove & Restart.
  10. After the computer restarts, follow the instructions on the screen to reinstall your Norton product.



Fix Norton Error 8506 ,421 | 1-844-892-4680 | Norton Antivirus Customer Service Support