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Norton Customer Service | Norton Support Number | 844-892-4680

Norton Cutomer Service

Norton customer service is all actively eager to help you to resolve the concerns of users while using this antivirus application. Norton 2016 antivirus is one of the best and trusted antivirus in the entire international market. It provides complete protection against all sorts of worms, Trojans, viruses, rootkits and spyware. It is because of the all-round protection which makes it one of the most recommended antivirus software available in the market. With Norton in your system, you can be 100% assured that your system is well-protected 24×7. It also filters your emails, internet browsing and instant messaging program.


  1. You can get connected with the most skilled technicians online for any type of support.
  2. Automatically backup all the new documents, photos, movies, etc. as well as keep your files secured on a private server.
  3. Provides the user with the services that not available with any other antivirus.
  4. Unproblematic protection facility and user-friendly interface for all sorts of devices.


If you are a computer user who uses his/her computer for surfing the net, then there are 100% chances of getting your system infected with viruses and spyware. But if you are using Norton antivirus then you don’t really have to worry about any such threats. But even after being the best antivirus in the industry there is always a scope of improvement. As far as support for Norton is concerned the technological advancement is continuously growing to reach an unimaginable level and still shows no signs of slowing down. When it talking about antiviruses, it is really important for them to undergo regular advancements in order to work efficiently against all the potential threats. Norton technical support provides dual benefits to its users. A Norton user gets the excellent features accompanied by the spec list alongside the trustworthy support, that they can visit at any time depending on their convenience.

There is no doubt that the Norton antivirus 2016 is one of the best antivirus programs available in the entire international market. It not only guards your system against viruses but also against other malware. Another great thing about Norton is that unlike another antivirus it does not disrupt the working of your system.

Norton keeps going under drastic changes throughout the year. Like with the launch of Norton 2016, several drawbacks of the previous version were covered and corrected. And now with the required changes Norton is heading in the right direction as an improved virus detection tool.
It is very easy to install Norton and takes very less amount of time to get installed. In fact, you don’t even have to reboot your system after the installation. When compared to the previous version you will notice that the 2016 version takes comparatively very less disc space. In fact, it is one of those topmost programs that take the minimum amount of memory.
Norton is a multi-fold defense system that guards your system against any virus attacks. Along with that it also protects your system from spyware, worms, rootkits, Trojans and bots. If all of this is not enough to convince you then the next revelation surely will. Based on a test carried by, Norton was able to detect 99.5% viruses. Norton also possesses 2/3 stars by the AV-Comparatives. Out of the 49 tests carried out it failed only in one.

Norton also pays special attention to all the new programs installed on your system by comparing them with the current database of the trusted as well as the harmful programs. If Norton comes across a software program that it is not aware of then it would get even more cautious. By doing this it gets rid of even those programs it finds suspicious or is not aware of. This type of behavioural detection is termed as Quorum.


  • Quick scan
  • Full scan
  • Custom scan

Since the full scan is a rigorous one and slows down the working of the system to a great extent, thus it is advisable to run a full scan only if you are not using your system at that moment. Otherwise, your work may get interrupted.
Another innovation in the renovated scanning process is that the trusted and the unchanged files are skipped from the scanning process. This saves a lot of time and also prevents the system from slowing down. you are not required to do anything as it self-updates itself. The updates keep running in the background every 5-15 minutes without causing any inconvenience or disturbance. Regular updates ensure that your system is protected at all times.

It also comes with a bootable recovery disk. So in case the system crashes you can retrieve the normal mode.

The 2016 version of Norton comes with an improved user interface. The new layout is a lot more tidy and logical. It can easily track the programs that are slowing down your system. If you want to you can also track the working of your entire system.


If you are already using ZoneAlarm then keep in mind that you won’t be able to install Norton antivirus alongside it. This discordancy is the reason behind the annoyance of customers who have bought Norton antivirus 2016 without ant prior notice or warning regarding the incompatibility. Symantec recommends un-installing ZoneAlarm and the again re-installing it. By doing this the internet worm protection feature gets disabled which is responsible for controlling the type of applications allowed to access the internet.

Symantec antivirus includes some services that temporarily remove the files created by Scan Disk and on the internet support for an enhanced virus definition. Users who purchase the complete utility might find it as a drawback of the same. The users of Norton have also reported about computer freeze-ups when going to the task manager and later creates an oversight message. on windows 7 Norton AV 2011 faces problem while enabling product protection and intrusive protection. The sole reason behind this indiscretion is the partitioning of the disk on your hard drive. There are certain browser and internet security options even without the latest Norton AV, however, there are substitutes available. Receiving and adding on applications is a breeze with Norton’s core security function.


Besides all the above-mentioned upgrading and improvements there are still chances that you may face certain complications with Norton. So if you are facing any problem regarding Norton you can consult our certified experts at Norton customer service, who can assist you with the Norton antivirus installation our uninstallation.


  1. Issues with the installation of Norton
  2. Norton installation file got corrupted
  3. Difficulty with automatic updates supports system
  4. Not able to utilize the exclusive keyboard
  5. Issues with reinstallation, Kaspersky update, fix, etc.
  6. Issues with the central management in Norton online security


  1. The installation process of Norton software
  2. With its configuration and setup
  3. Getting rid of the present protection tool
  4. To fix or remove the Norton software
  5. Running scans to detect and eliminate infections, if any
  6. Installation of the latest Norton updates


  1. The installation and un-installation of Norton antivirus
  2. Re-installation of Norton antivirus
  3. Upgradation of Norton antivirus
  4. Activate, update and upgrade Norton antivirus software
  5. Set the settings based on the requirements of the system
  6. Detect and eliminate the virus, spyware along with other malicious programs from your
  7. system
  8. Mend and troubleshoot the problems with Norton
  9. Customize the antivirus based on your requirements
  10. 24×7 chat support system
  11. 24×7 phone support (Norton support number- 1-844-892-4680)


  1. Qualified technical support team
  2. 24×7 support system available
  3. Precise and trustworthy solution
  4. Highly skilled team leader
  5. Microsoft certified specialists
  6. Cent percent troubleshooting
  7. Online support available
  8. Discuss your qualms via chat
  9. Get in touch with our experts over telephone (Norton support number- 1-844-892-4680)

Norton Customer Service | Norton Support Number | 844-892-4680